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Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the content you put on your site. With the knowledge you are sharing, I was able to build my first section of wainscoting, something I had never done before.

I purchased some pre-primed and cut MDF that I assembled. I glued and nailed everything to the wall. I sanded the joints, but I wish that I sanded a bit more for one particular joint. Nobody sees it but I do and it bugs me. Next project will be better!

For the baseboard, I had to glue some small spacers behind them as they were too flush with the MDF. I was able to make them come out 1/2″ more and I felt it made for a better effect.

For the primer, I used one in Canada from the brand called MF. No complaints here. For the paint I used Sherwin Williams. It was my first time using this paint and I am happy with the result.

I saw others from the community doing more complex things and at first I thought I could never do it. Now, I know I can and I am hooked!

I also started noticing mouldings used in buildings I visit, which I never really paid attention too before. All this thanks to your site!

Thanks again and hope to read more original posts soon!


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If this is Jean-Francois’ first time building wainscoting, imagine what else he’s capable of creating!

Excellent work. And thank you so much for sending in the pictures.