how to install an eared, lugged, shouldered architrave

Jennifer's eared architrave is almost finished.

Sundays are always big traffic days here at The Joy of Moldings, so I thought I’d give you a peek at what we’re working on for you right now.

First off, once I get my butt off the computer, I can go back downstairs and finish sanding and priming the crown molding and porch door trim I installed this week.

Eared Architrave

The style of door trim you see me working on in this picture goes by several names, but we’ve decided to adopt the term, eared architrave, when we refer to a door trim pattern like this one on our blog.

I’ve always loved eared architraves, and I can’t tell you how happy I was when Jennifer choose them as the door trim pattern she wanted in the downstairs floor of our townhouse.

Even though I’ve installed many of these style door trims for past clients, somehow I didn’t have an installation sequence to post for you.  Until this one.

I’ve taken step-by-step photos and even some video of how to build this beautiful classical style door trim.  I will also have very detailed instructions on how to prepare them for paint, and then how to paint them by hand so they look perfect.

Update: Here is the first post in the series How to Install an Eared Architrave Part 1.

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