Craftsman Moldings With a Touch of Art Deco Decor!

art deco kitchen

Craftsman moldings for tall windows and tall wainscoting.

Window Trim & Wainscoting

Since I’m pretty sick today, I thought I’d post something easy like this picture of Donna’s Craftsman kitchen.

This angle shows how I returned the tall wainscoting rail cap on top of the window surrounds.

It also shows the hooded entablature, the first one I ever made.  You can see a similar entablature here: How to Make a Corbel Entablature for c. $19.91 Part 1.

Window Pedestal Limiting Factor

The space below the tall windows was the limiting factor that dictated the height of the wainscoting’s lower horizontal rail.

You are lucky if your tall windows are this close to the floor, because it allows you to make a nice little pedestal like this one for the window surround to rest on.  Like a foundation.

Art Deco Woodworking Appliques

It’s not uncommon to find Art Deco design elements included in Craftsman style homes, and Donna wanted a few splashes of Art Deco in the moldings.

So I found these beautiful Art Deco sculpted panels and installed them on the window entablature frieze.  They are from The Decorators Supply, of course, and you can see similar panels from the same collection on their website here.

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