In the picture below I’ve installed, primed and caulked, a whole bunch of moldings in this tall room.  If I still had the before picture of this room, you’d see just a big box with tiny trim and a whole lot of potential.


vaulted ceiling crown molding chair rail bay window trim

This room had the perfect geometry to decorate with a full compliment of moldings.

The first time I walked into this room I knew exactly what moldings I wanted to install.


room with red walls and white moldings

There is nothing complicated about the moldings installed in this room.  If you can cut a 45 degree miter and shoot a nail gun and squirt some glue, then you can create rooms like this too!

About the Room

  • Walls: 12′ Walls before the vault
  • Molding Count: Only 20 pieces of original trim in the whole room
  • Vaulted Ceiling Height: 16′ all the way to the room apex
  • Bay windows
  • Wood floors
  • Trim Paint: Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo, satin finish, White Dove OC-17
  • Wall Paint: Benjamin Moore Aura, flat finish

Numbered Molding Patterns

  1. CROWN MOLDING-113.1
  4. DOOR TRIM-134 (around bay window box)
  5. DOOR TRIM-111 (swans neck entablature)
  6. CHAIR RAIL-102
  7. BASEBOARD-109
  8. PILASTER-101
  9. WINDOW TRIM-106
parlor red walls white moldings

A swan neck entablature with ornate applique.

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