half bathroom moldings

It’s about time I get going on our half bath molding makeover.  The demo starts this weekend.

It’s a typical little downstairs half bathroom with some molding design challenges.

For one, the ceiling is low because the HVAC ducting runs above it, and that means there is little room for a whole door trim let alone a crown molding.  But we live in Tucson, it’s 113 degrees outside today, so the AC duct stays put.

But there are solutions to these problems, so here’s a sneak-peak at what’s in store for our little half bath.


how to decorate a small half bathroom with moldings

Big Baseboard

Even though it’s a small space we still want to put our large BASEBOARD-110 inside.  In fact, we may even make it larger than we did in the kitchen.

Mirror Frame

The light fixture above the sink will get replaced, of course, but so will the oval mirror.  It’s a nice mirror but it crowds into the right corner where we may install inset panels and so it will be replaced with a rectangular mirror.

Best part about the mirror swap is that I get to make a nice frame around it with moldings.

how to install moldings in small bathroom

Door Trim & Crown Molding

You can see how very little room there is for any kind of large door trim molding or a crown molding — it seems like a one or the other limitation.

But I think I can come up with something so that the two are somehow integrated.  You may not believe me when I say this, but I think a may even install a coffered ceiling in here.  At the very least it will be a soffit crown molding.

before half bath renovation with moldings

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More Moldings Coming This Week

In between now and this weekend I’ll be working on another fireplace mantel tutorial.  It’s an even larger and more detailed design than the one I just finished posting, FIREPLACE MANTEL-102.  So once again, subscribe to us if you want all of these molding projects sent straight to your email.