powder room molding ideas

It helps me to visualize the designs if I tape them up and live with them for a few days before committing to buying materials.  Jennifer is testing accent colors too.

I want this project to be an answer to those who say you should not put a lot of moldings in a small room.  Short of a closet, you can’t get too much smaller than our little half bathroom.

So I want to fill the room with moldings from floor to ceiling.  Here are the sketches that have made the final cut and a photo of the historic baseboard that’s serving as my inspiration.


I’ve been wrestling with the specifics of the baseboard foundation for a while.  Should it have inset panels or not?  I’m convinced it should.

The basis for my inspiration is this American Beaux Arts baseboard I found in my architectural design bible, The Elements of Style.

Well, I didn’t just find it, I’ve had my eye on it for ten years or better.  Now it’s time to incorporate it into one of my molding patterns.  The design I’ll come up with won’t be an exact replica, because I think this baseboard would be stronger with a plinth supporting its weight, but this is the general idea.

large paneled baseboard or skirting board

Our half bathroom baseboard and walls will have inset panels similar to this.  From The Elements of Style.

I’m also fussing over the sequence of small panel moldings that will go inside the wall panels.  Local molding choices are so poor here that we’ll either drive to Phoenix again or find an online molding supplier.

moldings for small bathroom

The ceiling will be paneled too.  I’m thinking a soffit crown molding will be just the thing.

crown molding for small bathroom

A soffit crown molding will create the ceiling panel.

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