base cap molding

Yes, it is a large baseboard cap for large baseboard in this small half bath. But it is beautiful!

Installing the Base Cap is not hard, but it is a finicky task.  So make sure you allot yourself enough time so you don’t get frustrated with the pace of installing it.

This is especially important when working in a small, cramped room like this one.

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Blind Corner First

My plan was to cope the base cap in the corners, so I chose the back wall first.  And all I needed for that was this straight cut of base cap, CM-005.

base cap

This is the base cap for BASEBOARD-110.

baseboard cap molding

The first piece of base cap set in place in the back wall blind corner to test the fit.

Glue & Nail

Yes, I even glue the contact surfaces — top and bottom — before nailing the baseboard cap in place with 23 gauge micro pins.

how to install baseboard trim molding

23 gauge micro pins are so easy to fill with spackling!

Warning!  This is a Hard Molding to Cope

When this molding is oriented this way, with the cove on top, it is extremely difficult to cope properly.

I recommend using a 45 degree miter for inside corners when using this molding as a base cap.

best baseboard molding

Cutting the cope for this corner was too hard and the outcome not the best, and I’m pretty good at coping.

Making a Base Cap Return

Use a return where the baseboard terminates on top of the door/vertical stile.

how to terminate a baseboard molding

Cut the base cap to length with the final miters. Make sure you test fit the mating piece of base cap before gluing and nailing in place.

Now cut the opposing outside miter from a piece long enough to sit firmly on your miter saw table.

how to cut baseboard molding

I use a pencil to make a small tic mark to help guide my saw blade.

Cutting small return pieces like this one can end with a chipped piece or one too long or too short.

Returns are important to get right because they are focal points on your installation, the eye is naturally drawn to them.  So make them nice.

how to miter molding

Take your time with returns. I often have to do them over to get them just right.  Often several times.

How to miter molding reutrns

Glue the return in place.

Test the Fit

I test the fit of the two pieces of base cap one last time before installing.

baseboard molding installation

Glue and nail the base cap in place.

large diy baseboard

That’s all there is to it.  Now I’ll finish the rest of the base cap installation.

I usually check comments several times a day, so if you have any questions about this installation sequence you can use the comment section below.

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