What to Do When There’s no Room for a Door Surround.  Or Crown Molding.  Or Wall Panels.  Or….

how to install bathroom moldings

This corner, where three different molding patterns intersect, was the most difficult part of the project to visualize what the finished design would look like.

Dissolving Multiple Molding Patterns Together

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover series.  See all updates here.]

Question  When you want lots of moldings in a small room, but you don’t have room for lots of moldings in a small room, what do you do?

Answer  You decide which pattern is the most important and then make the others fit.


The Problem  In the case of our half bathroom, there was clearly no room for an ornate door surround, large crown molding and the large wall frames.

The Answer  Integrate the vertical stiles and the horizontal rails of the wall frames into the door surround and then use a small bed molding for the crown.

how to install bathroom moldings

Intersection of wall frames, door trim and baseboard/skirting board.

Above  I installed the wall panels first and then ripped the door trim flat-stock down to fit the remaining space.

Do you see how the door trim now becomes a dissolved vertical stile for the wall with the door on it?

how to install bathroom trim moldings

Door trim as vertical stile.

how to install bathroom moldings

The lower horizontal rail.

Above and Below  The bottom and top horizontal rails butt up against the door trim/stile like this.

Lots of moldings in a small room

The top horizontal rail.

how to install mdf moldings

Door trim moldings integrated into the wall frame design.

The next post in this series will be a short one showing how I wrapped the moldings around the light switch that is set so close to the door jamb.

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