french plates hanging from picture rail molding

As I’m spending my days hunched over my keyboard, editing pictures, calculating project prices and writing the last installation posts for Our Kitchen Molding Makeover, I’m reminded of something Jennifer said in our Architectural Subordination post that’s worth repeating:

A kitchen is a cooking work space.  You may eat there, too.  These are potentially messy activities.  It’s strange, then, that the remodeling industry so often persuades homeowners to spend their entire remodeling budget in the kitchen.  As a result, formal dining rooms, parlors and foyers, have dwindled from decorative neglect — while kitchens, where grease flies and children eat grapes off the floor — mutate into opulent and ruinously expensive showrooms.

Jennifer and I, aware of this tendency to go crazy in the kitchen, were nevertheless not immune from the effect of scope creep (see Moldings, Mom and Race Cars), since our kitchen moldings ended up being a little bit more elaborate than we had originally planned.

But when we discovered the beautiful ceiling in Robert Adam’s, The Temple of Pan, (in its blue color scheme) we had to stop ourselves.

Just because we can create a ceiling similar to the one in The Temple of Pan does not mean that we should.  At least not in the kitchen.

And so we refrained.

But you can expect to see us create ornate ceilings in our stairwell and master bedroom.  Subscribe to us via email to watch us bring the joy of moldings to each room in our home.