kitchen pilasters

Pilaster collar placement: How much neck to reveal? One of many design considerations that may change as you install your moldings.

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

If I can stop second-guessing myself on tiny design issues, I’d be much farther ahead on this project than I am right now.

One minute I’m completely confident that’s the right pilaster collar space below the cornice, ten minutes later my nail gun is poised to tack it in place, suspended in mid-air as I contemplate other options and how a change will affect other design elements.  Multiply this by all the design details you face and a project can stall pretty fast.

But tweaking designs as you go is a natural part of installing moldings.  So don’t despair over your rate of progress.  Those small tweaks you make to your molding designs along the way are a sign that you really care about the details, and that always pays off in spectacular rooms.

Good luck installing your moldings!