Molding & Millwork Inventory

The parent category for individual molding profiles.

Architectural Ornaments

Architectural Ornament-7251

Acanthus Rosette, Rectngular Applique This applique would also look nice in the capitals of a door or window entablature.  The capitals of a fireplace mantel would be another great place.  The details you need to order this appliqe are right…

Architectural Ornaments

Architectural Ornament-9334

Violin & Lute, Ribbon & Frond Musical Instruments Applique This woodworking applique is perfect for the center of a door surround or fireplace mantel.  Here are the details you’ll need to order one for yourself. Applique Specifications

Architectural Ornaments

Nonce Orders. Why There’s a Lizard in the Architecture

This may be my only chance to seamlessly combine my two greatest passions — architectural detail and wildlife biology — into one post.  And do it without contrivance.