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Delicate Fluted PILASTER-101

Traditional Style, 1754 Can you see it? Can you see the capital of a very small pilaster behind the coffee pot and supporting the figurehead? I didn’t even notice it until after I got home and was sorting through the…



Traditional Style, Doric Order A pilaster is nothing more than a column cut in half and then placed against the wall. It is not a load-bearing element like a column, it is decorative only. However, a pilaster must appear to…

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How to Make PILASTER-104 for About $13.61 ea.

Traditional Style This simple Tuscan style pilaster was the perfect way to separate the colors in our open floor plan kitchen. It can be made from affordable materials you find locally.  In fact, for this project we went to Lowes…

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How to Build PILASTER-103 for About $35.67

Traditional & Victorian Styles Think of a pilaster as nothing more than a column flattened against a wall.  Some are fluted, some are flat and some, like this one, have inset panels. The inset panels add that extra detail —…