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fireplace mantel

Historic FIREPLACE MANTEL-104, Fort Mackinac

Traditional/Greek Revival Style, c. 1828 I discovered this simple fireplace mantel in the hospital and doctors’ quarters in old Fort Mackinac. The other moldings in this room — the door trim and baseboard — are nice, but plain. Only the…


Historic DOOR TRIM-118 in Lexington, Michigan

Traditional/Greek Revival Style, c. 1870 The other day I was riding my bike down the gravel farm roads of Michigan’s thumb area, when I found this elegant front door surround in the charming town of Lexington. Lexington sits on the shore of…

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Historic DOOR TRIM-117 in Almont, Michigan

Traditional Style, c. 1850 I was driving to my sister’s house in a rural part of Michigan, when I spotted this Greek Revival door surround on the front of this abandoned farmhouse. I’ve seen this house before, but today is…

DOOR TRIM, Pattern Book


Traditional Style I found this beautiful door surround last summer gracing the hall of an historic building in Grand Rapids Michigan. I think the building is an art college of some sort, though I don’t remember exactly because we were…

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ARCHWAY-102 and Ornaments of Life!

Traditional Style If your home has an open floor plan, then you’re sure to have at least one large walk-through opening like this one. Why not bring attention to it by wrapping it in a beautiful surround of moldings and enhanced…


Make Flying CROWN MOLDING-108 for c. $3.08/lf

Traditional Style Some of these pictures may look familiar to you since they make up my post on how to make a crown molding finial return. But this time I want to focus on the crown molding itself. Especially now…


Make CROWN MOLDING-101 for c. $3.62/lf

Traditional or Victorian Finish carpenter installation price c. $14.00/lf + $15.00/corner or return If you’ve always wanted an ornate crown molding in your favorite room, this pattern might just be the very thing for you. It’s three pieces are not…

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Make CEILING MOLDING-100 for c. $50.64

Traditional Style Here’s a simple pattern you can use to breathe life into a flat or tray ceiling. You can expand or contract the size of the design depending on your needs. Even if you go much larger, you don’t…

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How to Install CROWN MOLDING-105 For c. $2.86/lf

Traditional/Victorian Finish carpenter installation price c. $12.00/lf + $12.00/corner or return The reason I’ve classified this crown molding as both a traditional and a Victorian design, is because I’ve seen similar profiles in American Victorian homes as well as very…