crown moldingTraditional or Victorian

Finish carpenter installation price c. $14.00/lf + $15.00/corner or return

If you’ve always wanted an ornate crown molding in your favorite room, this pattern might just be the very thing for you.

It’s three pieces are not only very affordable and easy to install, but you can buy all the materials at your local lumber yard and get started this weekend.

If you are going to have a finish carpenter install it for you, be prepared to pay a higher price than you would for a pattern like CROWN MOLDING-103. Matching the corners of an ornate molding is not very difficult, but it does take more time, and so you will likely have to pay more in labor.

 12′ X 12′ Sample Room Prices

The $3.62/lf materials price I give above is the minimum it would cost to install this crown molding.

The more corners your room has the more of the ornate crown you will need to buy in order to match the pattern at splices and corners. So if you are going to install this yourself, then buy a few extra lengths to make sure you have enough.

  • DIY Installation c. $173.76
  • Finish Carpenter Installation c. $672.00


foam crown molding

The leafy motif is called Acanthus, and is an ancient ornament based on an actual plant found throughout the Mediterranean.

I think this pattern is especially appropriate in dining rooms and master bedrooms; but really, you can install it any place you’d like.

easy crown molding

I would caution you against installing the ornate crown as a single piece crown molding (here’s my argument against single-piece crowns) without the cornice and the lower detail.

This crown molding is made from polystyrene, and when your house expands and contracts with the changing seasons, this lightweight material can hardly hold up to the force of that movement without the added protection of the other two pieces.


Materials Needed to Make This Crown Molding

easy crown molding

1. Flat Stock Molding, FS-001: $0.86/lf

More about FS-001 here >>

2. Crown Molding, CM-012: $2.16/lf

More about MC-012 here >> (coming soon)

3. Panel Molding, PM-008: $0.60/lf

More about PM-008 here >>

Good luck!