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Craftsman or Victorian Style Replace your old newel post with something a lot more substantial, like this one.  I made it from MDF board and molding scraps. They do take a little time to build, but are not all difficult….

BASEBOARDS, DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book

How to Install BASEBOARD-100 for About $1.07/ft

Craftsman/Prairie Style I love the angular steps of this baseboard design.  It’s like Falling Water, but without the water, kind of. I based it on one of Frank Loyd Wright’s baseboards, but from which home I don’t remember.

DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book, VALANCE BOXES

How to Build VALANCE BOX-101 for About $14.54

Traditional Style A window valance box — more properly called a pelmet — is perfect for hiding your blinds’ ugly roll up mechanism. We built this one for our small kitchen window for just that reason.  It’s really easy to…

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How to Install DOOR TRIM-133 for About $52.84

With its simple lines, affordable materials and ease of assembly, there’s no reason you shouldn’t build this door surround at home this weekend. This is one of those historic door trim patterns that I’ve seen all over the country, and…

DIY Molding Projects, DOOR TRIM, Pattern Book

How to Make DOOR TRIM-103 for About $75.00

Traditional Style If you’re looking for a door trim pattern that won’t go out of style, then this eared architrave should meet your needs — it’s been around for 2,500 years. I’ve seen eared architraves in historic homes all across…

CROWN MOLDING, DIY Molding Projects, Pattern Book

How to Install CROWN MOLDING-103 for About $3.00/ft

Traditional Style Finish Carpenter Price c. $12.00/lf + $12.00/Corner or Return If you can’t decide on a crown molding design, you can hardly go wrong if you choose this one right here. You’ll find versions of this very same design…