Architectural Quotes

“Architecture is Frozen Music”

Last night I attended a beautiful organ concert performed by the one and only, Joseph Jackson. While enjoying the music, my eyes (not surprisingly) wandered all over the Gothic Revival architecture of Royal Oak’s First Presbyterian Church, which led me…


Reaching a Milestone

As of this afternoon, The Joy of Moldings has surpassed the one-million page views milestone! There will be lots of new molding posts between now and the time I hit the two-million mark, so I hope you stick around until…

Baseboard Profiles, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Traditional Style Here is a rare instance where I used a tall, one-piece baseboard as part of a larger buildup instead of my usual three-piece buildup: cap, fascia and shoe. In this case I used it as a base for…

Molding & Millwork Inventory, Panel Molding Profiles


Panel Molding This is my favorite panel molding. And if you’re fortunate enough to find it at your local lumber yard, then I’m sure it will become your favorite, too. You can use it as a wall frame or to…

Architectural Ornaments, Corbels


Traditional Style After working so hard to build a beautiful mantel or entablature, you sure don’t want to skimp on the quality of corbel you use. In this case I found some perfectly good, hand carved corbels at my local…

Crown Molding Profiles, Molding & Millwork Inventory


Crown Molding A poplar crown molding full of beautiful beads and coves, this one is an excellent choice for fireplace mantels and entablatures. Pay close attention to the quality of this molding’s profile, its crispness of detail. That’s the kind…


How to Build ARCHWAY-101 Part 8: Prep & Paint

[This is part of my ARCHWAY-101 series.] The finish coat of paint is from Benjamin Moore’s Historic Collection, and is called Revere Pewter (HC-172), in a satin finish. Prepping and painting the archway requires only one additional step to my…


How to Build ARCHWAY-101 Part 7: Flex Trim Backband & Keystone

[This is part of my ARCHWAY-101 series.] After installing the unwieldy arched casing, installing the flexible backband molding is easy. Not just because it’s a small, easy to handle piece, but because it is not pre-molded into a specific radius….