blue and white kitchen moldings

Jennifer holds up some of her favorite plates against a blue paint sample.

[This is part of Our Kitchen Molding Makeover series.]

We’ve been working on painting the kitchen walls and accent colors all this weekend, and we’re happy to report we should be finished today (Sunday)!

Above and Below  I was certain the blue on the left — Sherwin Williams Scanda #6529 — was the right blue, but Jennifer liked the blue on the right — Sherwin Williams Lobelia #6809 — much better.

So we took turns holding different pieces of framed artwork and decorative plates against each of the blues.  As usual, Jennifer was right, the Lobelia blue showed off the majority of her artwork better than the Scanda blue.

blue kitchen walls

Now Jennifer is holding her other set of plates against the Scanda blue, the more muted of the two blues.

renovated kitchen in small townhouse

Jennifer was right, this Lobelia blue paint color is the better of the two.

Below  This is the first time I’ve ever painted my door trim moldings this way.  I was apprehensive at first, worried that I couldn’t paint a straight line free-hand, but it proved to be not difficult at all because the tip of the angled Purdy brush just glided along the edge of the molding detail.

painting door trim wite and blue in kitchen

Me applying the first coat of dark blue to the eared architrave.

Five Different Blues in the Kitchen

Our original plan for the kitchen did not include five different blue paint colors.  But each layer of moldings presented us with a new opportunity to add another layer of color.

With the kitchen finished, I’ll spend this coming week writing posts with all the final paint colors, material lists and installation steps for Our Kitchen Molding Makeover.

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