baseboard shoe molding pre primed1/4 Round Base Shoe

As you may have already guessed, a base shoe molding’s place is at the bottom a baseboard/skirting board.

It is not a classical architectural detail, rather, a practical response to the gap that appears between a uneven floor and the bottom of the baseboard.

The base shoe is small and just flexible enough to make small adjustments to it up or down as you install it.

If your baseboard is painted, you can install a stain-grade base shoe that matches the color of your wood floor.

If your baseboard is stain-grade, however, it does not look good with a painted base shoe.  Nope, it does not look good at all.

Price and Specs

  • Unit Price $3.28/8′ Stick
  • Price Per Foot $0.41/lf
  • Material Fir or Pine
  • Width Varies
  • Thickness Varies
  • Vendor Lumber Yards and Moldings Stores

Patterns That Use This Molding



[This is part of my DIY Molding & Millwork Inventory series.]