Wood Primer Latex Sherwin WilliamsLatex Sandable Primer

The primer you apply to your moldings must be sandable.  Not all of them are.

But this Sherwin Williams primer is sandable.  It leaves a perfectly powdery coat when dry that is easily sandable to a smooth finish.

I’ve used this primer for many years, and recommend it when installing new bare wood moldings, pre-primed moldings or MDF board.

It is the only primer we are using during Our Molding Makeover.

  • Unit Price $30.74, 1 gallon
  • Vendor Sherwin Williams paint store


Do I Have to Prime Pre-Primed Moldings?


If you want the best finish possible, that is.

Unifying Coat of Primer

Every single molding pattern — even if it’s made up entirely of pre-primed moldings — here on The Joy of Moldings has been primed after they were installed.

This is what I call the unifying coat of primer.

I do this to cover all of the spackling in the nail holes and gaps that have been filled.  Otherwise that spackling will show through the finish coat of paint as a rough spot.

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