220, 150 molding & millwork sanding spongeGrain

I can hardly imagine sanding a room full of moldings without my inventory of sanding sponges.

I have a box full of them.  Literally.

They help you make quick work of sanding flat-stock moldings and especially moldings with contours that the sponge can take the shape of.

I don’t even throw out my old ones until they are just crumbling into pieces.

Because sometimes you want to do some sanding without the aggressive grit of a new sponge or paper.

Lots of companies make sanding sponges, so you can find them just about any place that sells paint supplies.

If you’re going to use a lot of them, you can buy large multi-pacs from Harbor Freight.  They don’t last as long as the brand name sponges like Norton and Scotch, but they are cheap!

Prices and Specs

  • Price  $3.97 ea.


sanding sponge

Sanding sponges make sanding large areas easy, like on the flat-stock of these wall frames.

norton sanding sponge 220 grain

A fresh sanding sponge is best for small ledges on moldings like this one.

sanding sponge moldings

Pressing the sanding sponge into the molding contour is very easy.

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