The Joy of Moldings Copyright Policy

All images and text on The Joy of Moldings are copyright protected.  The few images that appear on our site that we did not create are used with the owner’s permission and are credited to the author.

We Take Action Against Plagierists

We now actively track and take action against those who steal our work and post it elsewhere without permission.

Under no circumstances do we allow any of our original articles or photos contained in to be displayed in any other website, for any reason, including Pintrist, Pic2fly or any other photo-sharing platform, blog or website.

The original content you enjoy here on The Joy of Moldings is created at great expense in both time and money, and we will no longer tolerate the rampant use of our work without permission.

Help us Stop Intellectual Property Theft

If you find our photos or text on any other website or blog would you help us out and report it to us?

Thanks so much.

Ken O’Brien

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