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how to paint moldings

Use a soft brush attachment first across all moldings.

[This is part of our How to Paint Moldings series.]

I learned this quick tip the hard way.

Vacuum the dust you make from sanding your moldings right away, or at least by the end of the day, before the sanding dust absorbs moisture from the air and hardens back into a spackling-like mass that is difficult, if not impossible, to vacuum.

Now I vacuum the sanding dust after each major area I sand.

how to paint moldings

Use a narrow attachement for the corners.

This not only helps you see you see if you’ve missed any spots, but it also helps keep your work area clean and prevents you from having to use your scale to remove hardened sanding dust from your molding corners.

Also, be careful when using powerful shop vacs because you can suck the spackling right out of your nail holes!

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