fireplace mantel diy mdf

Wayne’s fireplace mantel after!

On his first try, Wayne creates the most complicated fireplace mantel on The Joy of Moldings — FIREPLACE MANTEL-103. And he did a fantastic job!

My wife wanted to upgrade our living room by doing some work to our fireplace. She looked at many pre-made fireplace mantels. Most were way too expensive.

She came across The Joy of Moldings website and showed it to me. I asked her which one she liked and she told me she liked all of them.

I decided, after reading your guide, that I could probably build it. So it was on after that. I could not find some of the molding I wanted so I made my own.

I have enclosed a before and an after picture of the project.


brick fireplace mantel

Wayne’s fireplace mantel before.

Labor Day Reader Moldings Series

This coming long weekend may find you working around the house, so I’ll be posting my small backlog of reader-submitted molding projects, of which Wayne’s project is the first.

Each project is as unique and special as the people who created them, so don’t miss out on the next week of posts!

Here’s how to contact me if you have you have a molding project you’d like me to post.

Have a great weekend!