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All baseboard designs in The Joy of Moldings Pattern Book.

How to Make BASEBOARD-101 for $1.23/lf

baseboard moldingCraftsman & Victorian Style

8′ Wide X 3/4″ Thick

This is one of the simplest, most affordable and dramatic baseboard molding design known to man.

Seriously, buy a sheet of mdf board, rip it down to 8″ or 10″ strips, sand the exposed end grain and install.

That’s it.

You’ve just reproduced a spectacular baseboard found in historic Craftsman homes, Arts & Crafts bungalows and simple Victorian farmhouses throughout North America.

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How to Install BASEBOARD-110 for $2.00/ft

large mdf white painted moldingTraditional Style

Finish Carpenter Price c. $9.00/lf + $10.00/Corner or Return

A Doric baseboard straight from Andrea Palladio’s First Book of Architecture.

You can use this powerful baseboard to serve as the foundation of your traditional style home’s architectural treatments.

Best of all it’s really easy to install.  I’ll show you how!

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How to Build BASEBOARD-103 for About $2.24/ft

victorian farmhouse baseboard moldings diyVictorian Style

Finish Carpenter Price c. $14.00/lf + $15.00/Corner or Return

As much as your home needs a solid structural foundation, it also needs a solid visual foundation inside.

This large baseboard, a simplified version of one I found in a Victorian mansion in Detroit (more on that later), will give your home the interior foundation it needs.

It’s made from two common pieces of MDF molding.  Plan to upgrade your door trim moldings if you install this baseboard.

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How to Install BASEBOARD-100 for About $1.07/ft

craftsman style large baseboard detroit metroCraftsman/Prairie Style

I love the angular steps of this baseboard design.  It’s like Falling Water, but without the water, kind of.

I based it on one of Frank Loyd Wright’s baseboards, but from which home I don’t remember.

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