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All wainscoting designs in The Joy of Moldings Pattern Book


tall wainscotingTraditional Style, 1913

Photos courtesy of Paul Castrilli.

This tall wainscoting, located in the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel in Grand Rapids, Michigan, is the perfect thing to grace the walls of your great room.

And even though it’s finished with a luxurious stain, you could just as easily make this wainscoting from mdf and then paint it, making it both affordable and very easy to install.

After all, that is The Joy of Moldings way of doing things.

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Victorian Style, 1902

tall victorian wainscoting

This tall, painted wainscoting is located in the foyer of Arizona’s oldest and continuously operated hotel, the Copper Queen in Bisbee.

It is about 52″ high and painted this interesting two-tone paint scheme. The moldings inside the lobby, however, are still in their original stained finish.

If you’re in the mood to install a similar wainscoting somewhere in your home this weekend, then set up your laptop or tablet open to this page How to Install Tall WAINSCOTING-100 for About $10.33/ft, and get your tools ready because it’s not all that hard to do.

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How to Install WAINSCOTING-109 for About $11.00/ft: Part 1

kitchen wainscotingTraditional Style: Greek Revival or Georgian

You can find wainscoting just like this in the finest homes, mansions and palaces in the world, so why not add it to yours?

It’s very easy to make, and this page shows you all the materials and their prices we used and how to install the main mdf panels on the wall.

This is a great project if you’re new to installing moldings!

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How to Install Tall WAINSCOTING-100 for About $10.33/ft

how to install tall wainscotingCraftsman Style

Or c. $124.00 for this project’s entire 12′ wall

I found this tall wainscoting design in an original 1920’s era pattern book on Craftsman style interiors.  The home I installed this in is an early 1970’s ranch home, generic in every way.

But you don’t have to have generic moldings, and this page shows you how to build this easy to install and affordable wainscoting.

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