fireplace mantel

First Aaron wowed us with his living room molding makeover, and now this!

Hi Ken,

Well I am officially hooked on moldings. Here are a couple of pictures of the latest project.

It was a hard decision, but we decided the fireplace needed a little fancier mantel, haha.

before fireplace mantel

This is the brick surround that Aaron had to work with.

The old mantel was resting on the bricks sticking out of the wall, it took a little extra work to work around those.

brick fireplace renovation

But we figured it out and are very happy with the final result.

diy fireplace mantel

Thanks again for the tips and inspiration.

There will definitely be more to come.


Thanks so much for sending me these pictures of your beautiful work, Aaron.

You have a wonderful eye for moldings, that’s for sure. I especially love the frames on the overmantel and then repeating them below.

Great work!