before fireplace without a fireplace mantelA friend of mine bought a new condo that came with a fireplace and stone slip, but no mantel.

So I made him one.

It’s not an exact Federal style replica, but one that has Federal style elements.

This After picture shows it in its primed, sanded and caulked condition.  Before I painted it I installed ornate appliques on the center frieze and in the capitals above the corbels (I’ll post the finished pictures at a later date).

He wanted his new condo decorated with Federal Style moldings, and so I complied with some crown molding, baseboard and door trim replications copied almost exactly from Mudrick and Smith’s “Federal Style Patterns” pattern book.



Build This Fireplace Mantel

Learn step by step how you can build FIREPLACE MANTEL-102 Part 1: DIY for about $160.00.

after fireplace mantel with corbels installation