great room remodel before picture

I’ll bet those custom curtains cost more than the molding materials for this entire great room.

I’m convinced most homes don’t need to be remodeled in the usual way: floor plans opened/floor plans closed; additions of unnecessary space attached; kitchen cabinets replaced with ones that cost as much as a luxury car.  Really, most homeowners are looking for added detail and color.

The only thing I didn’t get to install in this great room and foyer was a really big baseboard.  That would have finished the room nicely.

The wall and trim paint is Benjamin Moore.  Walls are their Regal product in flat and the moldings are, as always, painted in Satin Impervo with satin finish.

great room molding makeover remodel with crown molding, fireplace mantel and door surround

The new moldings make the beautiful drapes look that much better!

List of New Moldings:

  • Interior archway
  • Three-piece crown molding buildup with corbel returns on 18′ ceiling
  • Subordinate crown molding buildup on upper landing
  • Front door surround (not yet posted — subscribe to us via RSS or email to see more)
  • Lugged door trim pattern (barely visible on right side of picture)
  • Embellished fireplace mantel (I just added some moldings to the existing contractor mantel)

Are you considering a major remodel, either as a DIY project or contracted?

Why not consider a significant molding upgrade instead?

You can install anything on this blog, none of this is very hard.  You supply the time and I’ll supply the tutorials.

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