Your dining room can be set apart from the rest of the open floor plan with wainscoting.

This is the dining room/kitchen of a typical, early 1970’s style ranch home.

The challenge decorating this kind of open floor plan is: how do you decorate in such a way as to set the “dining room” area apart from the utility part of the kitchen without loosing the unity of the open floor plan?

The obvious answer is — with moldings!

More specifically, with wainscoting.  This is what we did in our own kitchen and it worked perfectly.  Use wainscoting as the feature that separates the two areas, kitchen and dining room.

This wainscoting is very easy and affordable to install.  Learn step by step how I installed this WAINSCOTING-100 here.

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before and after wainscoting pictures

Would you believe me if I told you that this wainscoting only cost about $9.00 per foot to install?

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