Hello Ken,

Thank you in advance for a minute of your time.  We love the tall craftsman wainscoting that your site shows on WAINSCOTING-100.

how to install diy baseboard and wainscoting

WAINSCOTING-100. I had it easy with this transition, but Trea has to find a more creative way to make this work.

how to install craftsman style baseboard molding

Trae’s Craftsman Style Baseboard

And we currently have the same baseboards running through our entire house.  My question is as follows….


It looks like you padded out the baseboard to accomplish this look (two 1×6’s with the 1×4 and the stop above).  If this is correct, how do you handle when you reach the door trim (we use 1×4 on the vertical for a craftsman door and window trim).  Would you run the doubled up base and stop and overlap the bottom of the door trim?  Maybe finish it with a 30 degree angle (like quarter round)?  Or would you use a 5/4 block at the base of the door trim?

I’ve attached a picture of our current baseboard and door trim to show you how it currently joins.  (for some reason, you may have to rotate the image 90 degrees to see it)

Thanks in advance for any feedback.  (I’m learning as I go – and this is my next project)

Trae Taylor


Hi Trae,

If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to know how to terminate BASEBOARD-100 when the wainscoting it’s installed on terminates right at the door trim.

I didn’t have this problem when I installed this particular baseboard (see picture above) because my friends wanted to emphasize the paint between the door trim and wainscoting, so my baseboard simply ran along the wall terminating cleanly at the plinth block.

Here’s my idea.


diy interior moldings

Different style moldings, but the idea is the same.

Do you see in this picture how I integrated the base cap into the plinth blocks?  You can do the same thing, but with the Craftsman style baseboard you’ve already chosen for your home.

If this doesn’t inspire, then let’s keep at it ’till we get it right.  Let us know what you think, Trae.

Good luck.

Cheers, Ken

Update #1 From Trae

I hadn’t thought of a plinth block for this.  That’s a fantastic idea!   Thanks — I’ll send pics of the final work as thanks for your guidance.

Good luck, Trae, can’t wait to see your finished work!

Update #2 From Trae

See the beautiful work Trae did installing WAINSCOTING-100 in his dining room here: Trae’s Tall Craftsman Style Wainscoting.