Ken and Jennifer,

I have been following The Joy of Moldings (I left comments a few weeks ago under the name “Ryan”) for a bit now, and I just wanted to say thanks for such a great page.  It really has been an inspiration and has helped to guide my wife and I on our new home journey.  Just yesterday we put the final coat of paint on the walls of our master bedroom, in which we installed a three piece crown molding.  I had done some finish work in the past, and by some I mean a few pieces of baseboard here and there.  I thought that this project was going to be a reach and beyond my skill set.  However, with patience and some great hints and tips from your page we were able to do it.

Your blog also inspired us to start our own small blog to allow our family and friends follow our journey in home ownership as we are transplants to Texas from New England.  We figured that we learned so much from your page, maybe we might have something to offer (mostly from seeing our mistakes) to others.  I just posted pictures of our progress on the master bedroom and it truly came out great!  Feel free to check it out at Austin Home Adventures.

Thank you very much for your knowledge and dedication to creating a great page.

Ryan and Tracy

We’re so glad you guys found molding inspiration here.  You did a great job installing CROWN MOLDIGN-103!

Cheers, Ken and Jennifer