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How to Make a Craftsman Style Window Surround

Ben Asks Hi Ken, I am currently installing in my basement my version of your BASEBOARD-100 (5 inch 3/4 mdf + 1.5 inch 1/2 mdf). I will also do the DOOR TRIM-133 in craftsman style for the doors and windows….


Shana’s Board & Batton Question

Hi Ken, I am a newbie DIYer and want to do a board and batten molding project in my dining room. I’ve looked around a lot on the web and seen lots of great projects. I really appreciate your tutorials….

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Wainscoting on Inside & Outside Corners

Mike in Irvine, California Asks: I have to install wainscoting around inside and outside corners in my kitchen and dining room. My question is this.  How do I wrap the wainscoting around the corners?  Do I put vertical stiles on…

Ask Ken, Crown Molding

How to Terminate Flying Crown Molding on This Vaulted Ceiling

[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.] The Problem: How to Terminate the Crown Molding? Allison recently discovered my No Crown Moldings on Vaulted Ceilings post, and is now a flying crown molding convert. She asked…

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Victorian Door & Window Molding Combinations

Joe asks: I have  question regarding Victorian moldings. Historically, in a room with entablatures above the doors, how were the window surrounds treated? Did they have entablatures also?  If so, were they of equal size or smaller?  Or, not at…

Ask Ken, Crown Molding

What Molding Do I Use for Flying Crown Molding Lower Detail?

[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.] Gina Asks: My husband and I want to install a flying crown molding in our vaulted master bedroom.  We’ve already selected a 4″ crown.  However, we’re unsure of what additional…

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Pilaster Capital Ideas for Dave

[This is part of our How to Install Moldings series.] Dave Asks Q1  I noticed you took down  Any chance that you still have photos of ARCHWAY-100? Q2  Can I use rope molding for the pilaster capital collar? Q3 …

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Crown Molding to Hide Speaker Wires. On a Budget.

Unhandy Steve from Near Baltimore Writes Happy 4th! (if you celebrate that) Thanks to you both for putting up and keeping this site going.  My name is Steve and I’m near Baltimore, MD.  I found your site and did a…