vaulted ceiling crown molding

Where should the flying crown molding terminate on this vaulted ceiling?

[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.]

The Problem: How to Terminate the Crown Molding?

Allison recently discovered my No Crown Moldings on Vaulted Ceilings post, and is now a flying crown molding convert.

She asked if I have any suggestions for terminating the crown molding on this interior elevation.

I think I have just the thing for this, Allison — a simple, elegant solution!

A Solution: Terminate the Crown With Finial Returns at the Vault

A finial return is nothing more than a small box that you wrap your crown molding around and then finish it off on the bottom with a slightly smaller crown molding.

You can adapt any crown molding buildup to a finial return.

The pictures below should give you an idea of just what a finial return is.  (These are pictures of snapshots from my old portfolio, so they aren’t the best.)

crown molding on vaulted ceiling

A finial return is a very elegant way to terminate a flying crown molding in a room with vaulted ceilings, like I did in this Michigan townhouse.

A finial return gives the crown molding a reason to stop, rather than stopping with a simple hanging return that can sometimes feel like the design is unfinished.  Like it’s just, hanging, there.

You can use a finial return to terminate a crown molding right up against the ceiling in a room without vaulted/cathedral ceilings as well.  You’ll just have to make a dissolve.

how to terminate a crown molding

A flying crown molding terminated with a finial return.

Dissolve the Finial Return

Allison, a natural place to terminate your flying crown molding is in the corners on the right and left, right there where the front elevation pitches up.

But dissolve the finial return into the corners rather than creating the full treatment.  Read more about moldings dissolves here.

Wall as Focal Point

Terminating the flying crown molding in the corners leaves your beautiful wall to be a stand-alone focal point.  Now all you have to do is wrap them in big, beautiful moldings and then stand back and enjoy!

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[This is part of my How to Install Crown Molding Series.]