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crafstman arts and crafts style door trimBen Asks

Hi Ken,

I am currently installing in my basement my version of your BASEBOARD-100 (5 inch 3/4 mdf + 1.5 inch 1/2 mdf).

I will also do the DOOR TRIM-133 in craftsman style for the doors and windows.

Just one question concerning the windows. What to do with the bottom? I’m trying to find examples on your website but can’t find any.



finish trim joiner carpenter kenKen’s Answer

Hi Ben,

First things first. Happy 4th!

The image above should answer your question quite nicely. All you need to convert DOOR TRIM-133 into WINDOW TRIM-133, is to add a stool and an apron below the pilasters.

The window trim in the image above is from a Craftsman style home turned charming cafe in Tucson, Arizona. You can read the full post here: Craftsman Moldings & Crepes in Tucson’s Cafe Marcel.

The crown and necking moldings are different from what I installed on DOOR TRIM-133, but that does not matter at all. What matters is maintaining the right proportions.

Good luck Ben. Send me a picture when you’re all done so everyone can see your work!


Ken O’Brien

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