mdf painted door trimThis living room and foyer have ten foot high ceilings, and we gave them a total molding makeover and a high-resolution paint job that helped show off that height.

All of the molding patterns were based on designs I’d seen in rural Victorian era homes all over the U.S. and Canada.  And since this is also a rural farmhouse — though not an old one — I thought it proper to install moldings that would not be out of place if this new farmhouse was on-hundred years older than it is.

You can make the same these moldings yourself with materials you can buy from most any place that sells moldings.  It’s really easy to build, and you can probably install them with tools you already have in your garage.


mdf front door surround molding trim

Numbered Molding Patterns in This Room

painted moldings diy

This is DOOR TRIM-114, and is made from simple moldings from my local lumber yard for about $60.00.

Above  This is DOOR TRIM-114 installed on a pocket door.  It’s the same door surround pattern I installed on the front door.  In the background you can see DOOR TRIM-133.

Below  Note how I used the same entablature design as I did with DOOR TRIM-114, but simplified the pilasters by using flat-stock instead of recessed panels.

I used a stock plinth block from my molding supplier rather than make one of my more elaborate custom plinths on the other door surrounds.

You can make a door surround like this one for about $50.00 with simple materials from your local lumber yard.

mdf moldings diy french door

Replace these pliNth blocks with simple square ones to shift this design more towards Craftsman style.

If you want to make this door trim more Craftsman than Victorian style, then just substitute these plinth blocks for square ones, or, no plinth blocks at all.

In both cases though, you absolutely must use a cove crown molding detail on the entablature, and not a classical oggee.

new moldings for living room

The wall and trim paint is Benjamin Moore, Regal on the walls, and the molding paint is Satin Impervo, White Dove.

Above  The cove crown molding is a common feature in Victorian homes.  This one I made from three simple pieces of MDF molding.

I love the gold color of the walls, it’s so warm and inviting, especially with subdued lighting in the room.  What do you think?  Comment below.

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