how to install large baseboard

BASEBOARD-103 in foyer and hall is easy to design and install.

Sean and I have been exchanging emails recently about his plan for building DOOR TRIM-114.  He’s wondering how to make the large, two-piece baseboard I used to complement it.

Sean Asks: I would like to know how you stacked the two pieces of moldings to make BASEBOARD-103.

Answer: Hi Sean.  Building this baseboard is really, really easy.  Even better, it’s not expensive.  It’s made from two pieces of common mdf moldings that you can run out and buy at most any lumber yard.

mdf baseboard

Out of the many times I’ve installed this baseboard, this is the only DIY photo I have. Go figure.

  1. MDF Victorian baseboard molding
  2. Nailer you can make out of whatever you want.
  3. I left the old baseboard grouted into the tile in pace to act as the lower nailer.
  4. Cut out for the return on the lower detail

Second Piece of Baseboard Molding

In this case I wanted the lower molding to be  appropriate for a rural farmhouse rather than an urban townhouse, so I used the 5-1/2″ tall ogee baseboard pictured below.

large mdf baseboard molding

I’ve seen baseboard patterns like this in humble Victorian farmhouses throughout the midwest.

Below  Create a little more drama with this baseboard by substituting the lower molding with something more detailed like BASEBOARD-101.

mdf baseboard skirting board molding large

Change the lower baseboard molding detail and a base shoe to create this, BASEBAORD-101.

Good luck, Sean.  Keep me posted on your project.

Cheers, Ken

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