Hi Ken and Jen,

My name’s Everett, a 24-year-old recent first time home buyer from good ol’ its-so-humid-I-can’t-breathe, Louisiana.

As the son of a brickmason, who had no problem forcing his 9-year-old son to haul brick-loads of wheelbarrows on his weekends off of school and work (slave) his summer vacations, I’ve been around hundreds of new construction homes and remodels of all variations and price ranges.  I must say that old man sure taught me a lot of tricks and this dog still has lots of growing.  I like to call myself a DIY type of guy, as I’m quick to tackle all types of projects from cars to homes to crafts.  I do my research on each aspect of the build, layout a plan of attack, call in troops and invade foreign objects.

As I mentioned earlier, I’m a new homeowner and this has been the most extensive build I can say I personally invested in and I’m loving it.  I’ve been quickly picking up on the many facets of design, construction, and remodeling, and ingesting as much as humanly possible.  I never knew I had so big of an appetite.

Seriously, when I saw your blog I devoured it all in one night!  It was not like an “I am starving and can eat the whole elephant, donkey, or Mitt Romney’s dog while it’s strapped to the top of his car in a crate (true story)” kind of appetite.  No, it was more of the “man I’ve never had deer meat before but this Bambi is so good, please show me how you kill it, skin it, prepare it,  and cook it so I can do it for myself” variety.

Throughout all this remodeling I’ve been doing, I haven’t once given a thought to finishing a room with intricate three-piece crown moldings or two piece baseboards.  I mean I gave a thought to it but it was basically imitation one piece 5-6″ crown moldings as I have seen in many of the higher end homes my dad constantly contracts.  But as I’ve come to see, two and three-piece moldings are quite segzy. Oops, I mean beautiful.

This site has been an epiphany and a revelation (is that possible?) as I’ve been looking at doors, windows, walls, and ceilings in a whole new perspective, and how they can incorporate into the whole design and feel of each room in the house.

Your site has been very informative to me and it’s visual, which I love, instead of reading drab accounts of how to install and layout instead of actually showing me.  Best thing is I accidentally stumbled upon it while searching for molding ideas on Google one day and I’ve been hooked since.

Don’t mind me I just felt the need to write and tell you how much I appreciate your site and well, your insight.  I love to see people who enjoy and take pride doing what they do.  Thanks and keep it up.


Thanks for the wonderful letter, Everett!  And be sure to keep us updated with a few pictures of the moldings from this building project you’re pouring yourself into.

Cheers, Ken and Jennifer