how to install moldings

Billy created four of these beautiful door surrounds.  Come in and take look at the rest of his creations!

Billy in Taylorville, Illinois Writes…

Hi Ken,

Seeing your post tonight about Al’s door trim reminded me to send you pictures of mine.  These pictures are from the living room side.

Again, thanks so much for putting the time into the site.  I would have never thought I could do it until I read the posts on your site.


how to install door trim moldings

White painted moldings against the sage green walls supported by dark wood floors…beautiful!

Billy based his door surround design on DOOR TRIM-114.  If you’d like to see how easy and fun it is to make your own, you can see all of the step by step instructions here: How to Build DOOR TRIM-114 for About $60.00.

how to install moldings

Billy did an excellent job of scaling his door surround to fit his space.

how to install moldings

These moldings are a perfect example of historic moldings for modern homes, because Billy’s house is centered in Illinois, the same area that inspired the original design that became DOOR TRIM-114.

how to install door trim moldings

Billy is now planning to install crown molding in this room.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

The Joy of Our Reader’ Moldings

I can’t even tell you how happy it makes both Jennifer and I when readers proudly send us pictures of their own molding creations.  Thank you so much, Billy, for sending us these beautiful pictures.

We hope that showing off your work will help inspire more of our readers to dive into their own molding projects.

Keep up the great work.  We’re looking forward to seeing the crown molding you install!