how to install moldings tips

A simple tip for molding layouts.

[This is part of our How to Install Moldings series.]

The Problem

I like to draw layout lines all over my walls before I ever install moldings.  Doing this helps me visualize the moldings I think I want before I ever nail them to the wall.

But after revising my sketches multiple times I sometimes end up with a confusing web of scribbles and forget which are the final lines I want!

The Solution

To keep track of the lines that are no longer relevent, I simply draw an “X” through the old lines and an “O” on the lines that are my absolute, no doubt, without question final layout lines.

Had I followed my own advice on this, I wouldn’t have installed my ceiling moldings about a half-inch too far in from the wall in our half bathroom.  It’s not unfixable, but the fix was not my ideal layout.

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