fluted casing moldingFluted & Rolled Reversible Profile

This casing has a molding profile on both sides — fluted on one (left) and rolled (right) on the other.

I’ve used the fluted side for both door pilasters and corner block door surrounds.

What I like about both profiles is the resolution of the detail. The fluting is deep and spaced correctly — unlike most mass-produced fluted casings — and the rolled side details are historically accurate.

You might expect to see the rolled side of this profile in Victorian corner block designs, since those are the most common examples of its use.

However, its origins go much farther back, into the Greek Revival/Georgian styles.

Prices & Specs

  • Unit Price  c. $24.00 for 8′ piece
  • Vendor  Home Depot (usually a special order)
  • Material  Poplar
  • Dimensions  4″ wide X 3/4″ thick X 8′ long


Patterns that Use This Molding


Before & After: Foyer and Dining Room With Archway (Look into the foyer at the one door with corner blocks. That’s this molding profile.)

Before & After: Grand Front Door Surround with Sidelights

[This post is part of my Molding & Millwork Inventory series.]