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Victorian and Craftsman Style

Finish Carpenter Price c. $12.00/lf + $12.00/Corner or Return

I first saw a crown molding pattern like this in a restored Victorian home in Port Townsend, Washington, that had been converted into a popular B&B.

I was stuck by how very powerful and elegant this simple crown molding made the room feel.

This crown is one of those patterns that was popular in both Victorian and Craftsman style homes. I’ve seen similar patterns in both style historic homes from the Pacific Northwest all the way to the East Coast and all points in between.


white painted crown molding blue walls

Craftsman style crown molding in kitchen renovation.
These are simple, affordable Craftsman moldings anyone can install.

Above  The molding and trim paint in this room are from Benjamin Moore’s Historic collection, though I don’t remember the names, they are accurate Craftsman paint colors.

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Materials Inventory

[More detail about each molding at my Molding Inventory page.]

Note: The flat-stock cornice and lower detail on the crown molding in the picture below I made by ripping a 5-1/2″ wide ogee baseboard in half, used the flat-stock piece for the cornice and the bottom part with the detail, for the lower part of the crown.  And while that looked good, I think using a thicker flat-stock for the cornice (like in the above pattern picture), is a stronger design.

craftsman style moldings

 FS-001: $0.80/lf

If you are going to use this pre-primed, MDF flat-stock, then I suggest you run it through your table saw to remove that rounded edge on the side that will face out.  A sharp edge on the cornice looks a whole lot better than that rounded edge.

More about FS-001 here >>

CM-003: $2.73/lf

The absolute best place to buy this cove crown molding profile is from Lowes Home Improvement.  The company they buy theirs from has the best proportions and resolution for this style crown.  In particular, note how nice the beading is at the top and bottom of the crown.

More about CM-003 here >>

Warning:  This molding is notorious for its inconsistency between batches.  You can grab a bunch of these, get them home and in the middle of a scarf joint find that they are different enough that you can not mate them together perfectly.  So what you have to do is turn each molding over before you buy it and make sure that the primer over-spray pattern on the back matches all the other moldings you are going to buy.  Otherwise, you could be in for some serious frustration.  [Read: Molding Buying Tip: Turn it Over Before You Buy!]

PM-008: $0.60/lf

This is nothing more than an ogee baseboard molding turned upside down.  A 3-1/2″ tall baseboard like this will do nicely.

How to Install This Three-Piece Crown Molding

The installation sequence is exactly the same as how I installed CROWN MOLDING-103 in our kitchen.  I have very detailed installation instructions here: Our Kitchen Molding Makeover.

Step 1: Scribe the Projection and Drop

kitchen crown moldling diy installation

Step 2: Install the Cornice and Lower Detail

diy mdf crown molding how to

The two wall colors mark the transition from the blue living room and hallway to the red/orange kitchen.

after picture of crown molding installation
Crown moldings are viewed best on their outside corners.

Step 3: Install the Cove Crown Molding

how to install crown molding on air vent
Note how I matched the wrap around the vent to the angle of the corner cabinet.

We didn’t care if the air vent grate was ever removed, and so just wrapped the crown around it.

crown molding around air vent
crown molding corner

Oakland, Wayne & Macomb County Finish Carpenters

If you don’t want to install your own crown molding, there are many skilled finish carpenters in Metro Detroit capable of doing the work for you.