before door trim

A molding makeover is all this room needs.

A Few Words from Craftsman Dan

Thanks for the inspirational site. I combined a few elements to re-do a spare storage room into a nursery.

Removed old 70’s style brown bi-fold doors, removed window and door casings, installed recessed lights.

Next I built up a Craftsman/Quaker style wainscoting using 4×8 sheets of MDF. Went with a three-piece crown molding design from your site as well (CROWN MOLDING-103).

closet door moldings

door trim moldings

Such a beautiful closet door surround.

My wife wanted a dutch door, so I grabbed a cheap hollow core 6 panel door from HD for $20, cut it in half and re-build it with some cut down 2x4s and created a ledge. Prime and 3 coats of paint, paint the walls.

Turned out great!

dutch doors

Dan’s home-made Dutch door.

dutch door closed

The dark blue wall color is just beautiful!

I did not have a true appreciation for the amount of dust ripping 8 foot sections of MDF would create. Wow.

diy moldings

diy millwork installation

The door surrounds Dan built are very similar to a variation of DOOR TRIM-133 found here >>


Transforming the Entry Door Side of the Room

door header trim

A perfect blank slate.

mdf wainscoting

Laying the wainscoting foundation with simple sheets of MDF-200.

diy molding & millwork

See how Dan returned the wainscoting cap on top of the door trim. That’s exactly how it’s supposed to be done!


The Window Side Gets Special Attention, Too

window trim moldings

This corner will soon be transformed with beautiful moldings.

mdf wainscoting

Laying the mdf board foundation.

mdf wainscoting

Dan created inset panels on his wainscoting with these simple mdf stiles and rails. Again, note how he returned the window stool and wainscoting cap on top of their respective moldings.

prime wainscoting

Priming is a lot of work, but a good job here is well rewarded in the end with a quality finish.


Careful attention to design paid off handsomely in this congested corner.


What a wonderful room you created, Dan!

All together the project was extremely fun and rewarding. Unfortunately, the rest of my house is now desperately in need of a facelift too.

Next up, time to decorate it.

Thanks for all the info and inspiration.

From Ken

I can’t thank you enough Dan for sharing your project with all of us who read The Joy of Moldings.

It’s especially inspiring to me knowing that people actually use the tutorials you find here to transform you own homes with beautiful new moldings.

Good luck on your next project!