three-piece crown molding

I absolutely love showing off my reader’s molding projects.

And today I’m very happy to present long-time reader, Reid’s, CROWN MOLDING-103 installation.


You provided some advice to me about a year ago, and I’m just now getting back to you with the results. I followed your 3-piece Crown Molding design and it turned out beautifully. In addition, your painting tips for both trim and walls was extremely educational and beneficial. This is only my second Crown Molding project ever, but I’m extremely pleased with the results. This was a home office for my wife, and she loves it.

window trim

I had already finished the window when I found your site. Otherwise, I would have made use of your beautiful entablature window casing design. However, that’s on my list for our kitchen windows.

ogee crown molding

My trim painting has taken a great leap forward thanks to your tips. I’m using a much better quality primer and paint, along with Floetrol, and I definitely notice the difference. However, I’m still nowhere near the quality I see on your site. I’ll keep working on that.

how to paint moldings

The last photo is a trick I had to use to get the cornice installed. I was working solo on this entire project. I haven’t figured out a way to install 10′ pieces of heavy, floppy MDF cornice to a ceiling and cut them so that the corners line-up perfectly. So I made all the corners in advance using two 1′ pieces glued together with scarf joints on each end. I then cut manageable lengths of the cornice and glued the scarf joints together with wood glue and sanded the joints smooth so they’re hardly noticeable. Time will tell if these joints remain hidden or if the seams will start showing.

diy crown molding

I’ve been following your blog and I know you’ve had some turmoil in your life lately. I just want to say that the information you freely share and the passion you show has really made a difference for me. You’re a source of inspiration and I feel lucky to have found your site. Keep your head up and continue the great work!


From Ken

Thanks for the encouraging words, Reid. As long as I’ve got wonderful readers like you who share your own inspiration and projects I’ll be sure to keep sharing back.

Good luck on your next project!