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New Jersey Finish Trim Carpenter

Adam’s overmantel is designed to frame a flat screen TV, and he said was inspired by OVERMANTEL-100.  Though you’ll find this same eared architrave in Andrea Palladio’s Second Book of Architecture, Plate V.

Adam and His Mantels

Adam, a professional finish carpenter who works all over New Jersey, has been a reader here at The Joy of Moldings for almost as long as we’ve been blogging about moldings.

And every now and then he sends us a few pictures of something he’s especially proud.

This time it’s this set of fireplace mantels he designed for a New Jersey client.

Adam said he liked our OVERMANTEL-100 so much that he used it as inspiration for his own overmantel design, the one at the top of this page.

Here are Adam’s other fireplace mantels and his contact information.

Contact A & E Renovations  (201) 212-2872

fireplace mantel and flat screen tv

I especially like the flat-stock pilaster and corbel combination Adam used here.

Adam said that he and his clients made it through Hurricane Sandy in-tact, but had to do without power for a long time.

New Jersey Crown Molding Installation

Lots of moldings to frame this flat screen TV!

Thanks for sending us these pictures, Adam — we’re always happy to show off the work of professional finish carpenters like yourself.

Attention Finish Carpenters

We would love to show off your work to our readers who are not all diy types, many are here to get ideas before they go looking for a finish carpenter like you.

So if you’ve got some pictures of moldings you’re especially proud of, send them our way and we’ll create for you an SEO page like this one.  Here’s our contact page.

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