fir necking trim molding from lowes home improvement

Panel Molding

A great little molding you can use as an architrave detail for entablatures and fireplace mantels.

It also makes a great wall or ceiling frame molding, especially as a secondary frame to a more dominant one.

Best of all, you can walk into any Lowes in the country and it will be there in stock.

This molding is made from fir, a soft wood that is easily chipped on your miter saw.  So make sure you have some extra on hand in case you need to start over with a new piece should you chip the first one.

Price and Specs

  • Unit Price $4.98/8′ stick
  • Price Per Foot $0.62
  • Material Fir
  • Width 11/16″
  • Thickness 5/16″
  • Vendor Lowes Home Improvement


Where to Find it In the Store

Most Lowes Home Improvements keep this molding separate from the large, bulk racks of moldings in the main aisle.

It is found in a rack of small specialty moldings, none over 8′ long.  This rack is usually located at the very end of the molding isle against the back wall.  Now that you know what to look for, you should be able to find it.



Patterns That Use This Molding







[This is part of my DIY Molding & Millwork Inventory series.]