powder room renovation

You there! Have a great weekend!

I’m re-priming the half bathroom for two reasons:

  1. Jennifer was having a hard time visualizing her new color scheme with the old colors still on the walls and…
  2. I want to sketch my layout lines against white primer so I can show you more clearly what I have in mind for the moldings.

So for both of us the white primer is like working on a fresh canvas.

But it also shocked both of us into remembering how small the bathroom feels with its original white walls.  Small and boring.

It’s amazing how the two colors Jennifer choose for this room made it an interesting small room where the walls seem to recede from you.  But now that the walls are white again they feel like they are closing in on you.

From cozy to claustrophobic with a simple change of color.

Our New Posting Schedule

My duties behind the scenes here at The Joy of Moldings are rapidly growing along with our rapidly growing readership.

So I’m trying out a new posting schedule that will help me organize my week so I can continue doing the most important thing I do around here — writing posts about moldings that you find useful.

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Our Molding Makeover Updates.
  • Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday: My free days to write about design or installation tips, or to write step by step tutorials.
  • Thursday is Ask Ken Day:  I put a lot of work into writing coherent replies to your specific questions.  However, I get so many questions now that I have to set aside a specific day to work on them.  I think Thursday is good because you can use your new information to prepare for your weekend molding projects.

Comments Every Day but Sunday

I check for new comments every day of the week, and reply to them as soon as I find them, so that’s the fastest way to get an answer to specific questions.

But I try to make Sunday a no-computer day.

Have a great weekend!