tucson arizona historic architecture

That’s Jennifer in the alcove waiving you in for a closer look.

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover.  See all series Updates here.]

Find Molding Inspiration Locally

If you’re trying to come up with molding design ideas for your home, you can always turn to local historic architecture for inspiration.

That’s what we did this weekend.  But not on purpose this time.

We were simply out for our morning walk — this time through the historic part of downtown Tucson instead of our own neighborhood — when we passed by the front of this historic building and found the answer to a design problem we’ve been wrestling with.

That is, what molding combination should make up the inside or our half bathroom wall panels?

We both knew we had our answer the moment we looked into the alcove of this door surround.  Come inside and take a look.

tucson historic home architecture

Moldings with meaning — using local architecture to inspire your molding projects.

A Simple, Elegant Solution

This ogee and flat-stock combination is what I had in mind all along, but I couldn’t see it because my brain was clouded by all of the more complex molding combinations I was playing with.

Best part of all is that we can make this pattern using a ripped down ogee baseboard butted against a thicker flat-stock.

So simple.  So affordable.  So easy to make.

how to make wall panels frame moldings

The Ceiling

We love how simple this ceiling is, and it almost made us want to simplify our current plans.  Almost.

wall and ceiling moldings

But we want to include a small crown in our half bathroom ceiling to help ease the transition between the two surfaces.  We also want room for a few ornate rosettes.

So we’ll use the architectural detail in this alcove as the basis for our half bathroom moldings and then add some of our own personal touches.

Moldings With Meaning Designed by Henry Trost

We like the idea of using local architectural details to inspire the moldings in our home.  And sinice we are not experts, just home owners with a desire to learn, then why not copy the work of the most celebrated architects of our time?

In this case it’s the work of Henry Trost.  Trost designed many of the grandest buildings in the southwest, including this one.

Moldings with meaning — from a far off continent or from your own home town — help establish you and your home’s place in a rich architectural tradition.

[This is part of Our Molding Makeover.  See all series Updates here.]

historic door surround with corbels and pediment

Tucson Scottish Rite Cathedral built in 1915.  Designed by Henry Trost of Trost & Trost.