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Jennifer writes about discovering her latent nesting instinct.

Gratuitous Cat Posts, Jennifer's Nest

Our Little Scapegoats

By Jennifer No household can be truly harmonious without a cat or two.  Chiefly they serve as fluffy, pettable ventriloquist’s dummies (as in, “Julia says, ‘Is this all there is?  It’s all ashes — ashes!’” or, “Sky told me he…

Jennifer's Nest

The Truth About Poodles: The Benefits of Shopping Locally

By Jennifer Whenever possible, Ken and I buy everything from tortillas to Trollope novels from stores within about a three-mile radius of our home.  We get paint and primer from my main man Pablo at a Sherwin Williams three blocks…

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My First Moldings

By Jennifer [This is part of Our Tucson Molding Makeover series] Now that I am the proud owner of kitchen crown molding and a lugged door casing — or “eared architrave,” a term that Ken prefers, less because it seems…

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Starting Our Molding Makeover: Defining and Limiting the Task

By Jennifer [This is part of Our Molding Makeover series] Two weeks ago we decided to install moldings throughout our home.  If this were a painting project, I would have immediately started scampering around wielding paint chips and constructing and…

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Choosing Your Wall Colors III: Color Theory for Amateur Designers

By Jennifer Like arguments, decorating schemes can be inductive or deductive: that is, you can follow a concrete example to a general principle or vice versa.  In other words, you can pick a color you like and find others that…

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Mr. and Dr. Buckaroo Banzai Meet

By Jennifer We met online.  Which amazes my coworkers for two reasons. First, my hatred of all things digital is legendary.  I print documents out to read them, and edit them by hand.  My favorite way to transport data is…

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Choosing Your Wall Colors II: Editing Your Good and Bad Ideas

By Jennifer If you’re at all given to speculative thought, you’ve probably mused on the sad fact that many — perhaps most — brilliant notions wither in the blighting light of reality.  I’ve whiled away many a commuting hour reflecting…

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About Jennifer’s Nest

Update to Jennifer’s Nest:  Jennifer decided she’d rather nest with someone else, so there won’t be anymore posts in this series.  But her articles are still worth reading. — Ken After a lifetime of sacrificing domestic life on the altar…

Jennifer's Nest

Choosing Your Wall Colors I: Pleasure and Pain

By Jennifer If you bring a good deal of confidence and experience to the task of choosing colors, it’s the most enjoyable part of decorating.  If you tend to agonize and worry about others’ opinions, you’ll find it painful.  And…