Jennifer’s Nest

Jennifer writes about discovering her latent nesting instinct.

Jennifer's Nest

Living Room: The Answer is "Sea Serpent"

By Jennifer Emboldened by the excellence of our bedroom results, I turned my attention to the entryway and living room, both of which presented design features that my company’s Risk Review Board would name “challenges” or “opportunities,” which mortals like…

Jennifer's Nest

Master Bedroom: Paint for the Proletariat

By Jennifer Painting wasn’t actually my idea.  True, my condo was proving mysteriously hard to decorate.  I kept the place tidy and uncluttered, bought books on feng shui, and arranged objects in patterns that pleased me, but it still felt…

Jennifer's Nest

Underwater in the Desert

By Jennifer I thought clever people like me didn’t end up underwater in a mortgage. It seems downright unjust.  Far from buying at the top of the market, I bought more than a year after the crash.  At the time,…