[This is part of A Kitchen Molding Makeover and How to Install CROWN MOLDING-103 series.]

When you are planning a molding project, it’s a good idea to look around the room and find any limiting factors that are going to impact the kind of molding you want to install.

The crown molding limiting factors in our kitchen are:

  1. Air conditioning/heat vents close to the ceiling
  2. Brick wall
  3. A cat that gets in the way

Kitchen crown molding buildup limiting factors like air vents

Kitchen crown molding air vent problem

An air vent to wrap the crown molding around.

Cats and Crown Molding

The Julia, our biggest limiting factor.

Some limiting factors you can work around, and others you may have to avoid all together.  Fortunately for us our limiting factors have simple solutions.  To see how I worked around those air vents and the brick wall, go to A Kitchen Molding Makeover where you’ll find all of the kitchen crown installation posts in this series.

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